Memories from Triple Take past…Allison McWood

We continue on with memories from many members of Triple Take Productions…today, Allison McWood… Allison: The one memory that stands out for me was how a prop from It Was Kit cultivated its own fan base. Stiffy the dead rat was used as a comedic...
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Memories of Triple Take past…Maureen Bell

And now, a memory from my mom!… Maureen: By simply being Regan’s Mom, I became part of Triple Take Productions. My involvement so far, has ranged from wardrobe person to Executive Producer. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with...
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Memories from Triple Take past…Shina Ahmad

And we continue throughout the week with memories from TTP members in celebration of Triple Take’s 25th anniversary.  Today, Shina Ahmad, one of the original founders… Shina:  My favorite memories of Triple Take were when it was still in...
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Memories from Triple Take past…Kelsey Matheson

Triple Take is 25!  We continue to bask in our old age with continuing memories, this time from Kelsey Matheson… Kelsey: My fav memory would be when we were all shooting inside the veterinarian’s office (Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning...
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Memories of Triple Take past…my turn! We turn 25 today!

This is quite a moment for me…never did I think, 25 years ago, that we would reach this point after producing so many plays as well as short films, sketches, a feature film and publishing scripts.  Right now, I’m more focused on the published...
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Memories from Triple Take past…Andrea Lyons

One day until TTP’s 25th!  But we’ll still be sharing memories next week, so keep checking back.  😉  Today, Andrea Lyons reminisces… Andrea: My fave moments with TripleTake would be the ones chatting with Maureen, Regan’s...
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Memories from Triple Take past…Lorne Hiro

And we continue with the memories of members from Triple Take past and present in celebration of TTP’s 25th.  Today, Lorne Hiro, who performed in a number of short films and plays (both produced and not produced!)… Lorne: I did a short film...
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Memories from Triple Take past…Judy Singh

Another day, another memory for Triple Take’s 25 anniversary!  This time, we hear from Judy Singh, a major contributor to TTP… Judy:  I have so many wonderful memories from my days working with TTP. From laughter-filled writing sessions,...
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Memories from Triple Take past…Andrew Dundass

Today, in the lead up to Triple Take’s 25th anniversary, we present a memory from Last Dance of the Dark Cloaked Avenger cast member Andrew Dundass… Andrew:  Dark Cloaked Avenger is a personal fave, as I loved 30s radio. Most enduring memory...
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Memories from Triple Take past…Johnny Vong

This week and next, Triple Take will be sharing favourite memories from various members, past and present.  Why?  Because Sunday July 29th is our 25th ANNIVERSARY!!! First up, Johnny Vong, who worked on camera (and more) on Space Zombies: 13 Months...
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